Pick-Up and Play Gameplay
Nowadays there are a lot of games you can't really pick up and play just for the sake of it. Some games require a sound understanding of the mechanics and controls. For instance, no one can pick-up and play DayZ. Heck, even with a newbie guide you're still likely to get your butt handed to you 10 minutes after landing in Cherno. Assassin's Creed is another game series where the pick-up-and-play methodology just doesn't work... there's too many darn buttons you need to memorize. Mario Kart 64 found its way around this problem by keeping things as simple as possible. 'A' is to go, 'B' is to brake and button mashing anything else usually resulted in the game doing what you wanted it to do. It was brilliantly easy for anyone, casual or core, to pick-up and play Mario Kart 64, and it's one of the reasons it has become such a classic gem over the ages.

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