One of the coolest upcoming MMORPGs planned for release in 2010 is Astrum Nival’s Allods Online. GamerSyndrome is working with Gala Networks to give away 100 free beta closed for the fourth closed beta test of Allods of Online. Gamers interested in acquiring one simply need to keep reading.

Simply click on the following link and follow the instructions for retrieving a beta key: Allods Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Additionally, if more than a 1000 followers join up to follow GamerSyndrome, they’ll increase the giveaway to 200 beta keys.

The game is definitely worth it if you’re remotely interested in fantasy MMORPGs. The questing is streamlined and the astral ships are an astounding sight to see…gliding gracefully through a universe composed of liquid astral(?). It’s a cool game worth checking out, nonetheless.

For more information on Allods Online be sure to visit the Official Website.

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