It’s time to celebrate the Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanza/ Festivus Holiday season, so all around Cinema Blend we’re enjoying Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, we know traditionally the “12 days” start with Christmas, but we plan on being celebrated out by that time, so we’re pushing the twelve days leading up to the holiday.

Here in Blend Games we’re celebrating by counting down by reliving some of our favorite holiday gaming memories, in an effort to boost your Christmas spirit. There’s nothing quite like finding a new game console under the tree. So without further ado:

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A Console For All

My wife may not match the power of my father’s gift giving abilities, but that doesn’t mean she refuses to try. Since release the Nintendo Wii has been a much sought after item. One that is notoriously difficult to find. Last year a new tradition was born, one that I look forward to continuing as my new family starts to take shape. A birthday in November usually means Christmas is far enough away to double up on the gifts. But sometimes you’re sitting in your car on a Sunday when your wife and her sister throw a Wii into your lap on launch day.

We’ve all gone back and forth on the merits of the Wii this past year, often coming to the conclusion in our arguments that the system has little to offer the “hard core” gamer. A year later I look back at my Wii ownership and realize that the so-called problems are all true. The system doesn’t enthrall me all that often. Months can go by without the power button being touched. So then why is it still one of my favorite toys in the house?

Like so many non-gamer families in the country I’ve found that the Wii is unobtrusive. It doesn’t require you to be a master FPS player. All you are asked is to accept that games can be fun, and that anyone can play. Rather than excluding my parents, who honestly couldn’t tell a plasma nade from a spike nade, the Wii embraces their desire to just flail around for a bit and call it a night.

Today I spend time with family playing Wii Sports, trying for the perfect bowling game or getting under par on the golf course. What those gamers who consider themselves informed thought was a trite little piece of Nintendo novelty has become a part of my life. And I’m imagining a part of many of yours as well.

That is the true power of the Wii. You can keep your hardcore online co-op ways. This Christmas morning will consist of a play session with my wife as we collect stars in Mario Galaxy, and maybe I’ll get that damn 300 game in Wii Bowling finally.

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