It’s time to celebrate the Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanza/ Festivus Holiday season, so here at Cinema Blend we’re enjoying Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, we know traditionally the “12 days” start with Christmas, but we plan on being celebrated out by that time, so we’re pushing the twelve days leading up to the holiday.

Here in Blend Games we’re celebrating by counting down by reliving some of our favorite holiday memories, in an effort to boost your Christmas spirit. There’s nothing quite like finding a ne game console under the tree. So without further ado:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Two gaming consoles.

Growing up in a divorced family sucked. Weekend visits to see my dad were anything but fun, and an overall feeling of trapped-in-the-middleness would set in whenever I’d have to go see one or the other. Yep, growing up in a divorced family really bit the big one. That is, of course, until Christmas came along. Then, it was the best day of my young, prepubescent life.

Of course, being a child trapped in the middle of a parental split meant I had to write Santa two letters that Christmas: One for dad, and one for mom. Knowing how little they knew about video games, I was very explicit with my letters, stressing in my mom’s that I wanted a Super NIN-TEN-DOE, and in my dad’s, a Sega Genesis (“Genesis, NOT Master System,” I wrote in really dark red ink).

Well, knowing what I know now about the monetary suction cup that is divorce, I consider what I have to tell you next a real Festivus miracle.

That Christmas, I got not one, but both systems on that beautiful, orange morning. At my dad’s house, hiding underneath a really crummy looking plastic tree were about eight presents for my older sister, and then, one bulky, rectangular one for me. Of course, seeing the vast difference in toy to child ratio (What?! Eight to one?!), I of course threw a hissy fit. That little tantrum of mine was quickly quelled when my dad told me to start tearing away before he started throwing away. Peeking underneath the Sunday Star Ledger wrapping paper my dad dolled it all up in was Sonic’s bad as he wanted to be attitude staring right back at me. Honestly, I almost soiled my pants. That day couldn’t get any better. Or so I thought.

After waving bye to my dad, my mom drove off with me and my sister and we went over to her house. Imagine my surprise when I saw yet another rectangular box hidden underneath her tree. Super Nintendo was my reward for being a pestering brat all year.

I never left my spot on the couch that week, flipping from sheer speed (Sonic) to incredible depth (Mario World) back and forth, back and forth. And that, dear friends, was the greatest Christmas morning I’ve ever had. My 32 bit war Christmas – Saturn and Playstation on the same day – wasn’t nearly as climatic or life changing.

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