Many X-Com fans wanted to see the dormant strategy series return, but no one wanted a shooter. The most recent game in the series, X-COM: Enforcer, was a shooter and was awful. The reaction to the announcement of XCOM, another FPS, was immediately negative. 2K president Christoph Hartmann didn't help matters by stating that strategy games aren't contemporary. With XCOM, it seemed like 2K was simply cashing in on the series' name.

XCOM actually doesn't look all that bad, though. Some of the most recent gameplay footage showed it's not just some mindless shoot 'em up. Instead, it's a tactical shooter in the vein of Brothers in Arms. Players assemble a squad of agents, manage their progression, and direct them in combat.

If you want a true X-Com game with the base management and turn-based strategy of the older games, then you can play this fall's XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The XCOM shooter may ever be as beloved as the strategy games but it doesn't deserve scorn. It will allow players to experience the battle against extraterrestrials from a more personal perspective. It seems like an interesting supplement to the strategy series, rather than a cynical attempt to milk the X-Com brand.

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