Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3's big new feature - two-player co-op - is its most controversial. Many fans think that the series is abandoning its roots and becoming another money-grubbing shooter franchise. The introduction of a cover system has just made the "Gears of Dead Space" jokes even easier.

The thing is, though, Dead Space was never a horror series. It's always been action with occasional scary moments. There's no survival horror tradition to betray. Isaac Clarke never ran around a mansion with three bullets in his pocket and an ink ribbon. Since the first game, he's been an armor-clad killing machine with military-grade weapons. When he needs more ammunition (he never does), he can buy more at the store.

DS3 has everything that made the previous games so damn charming: Necromorph ambushes, enormous bosses, dismemberment, and so on. The presence of a second player isn't going to ruin any of that. It might just make the action - the series' focus - even better.

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