Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls series has traditionally been a single-player series. Elder Scrolls Online, however, is an MMORPG set in the universe. As you've seen from the previous games in this list, breaking with tradition is a surefire way to piss off fans. Since the game was announced, there's been an ongoing debate over whether it's a legitimate Elder Scrolls game. The troubled life of Star Wars: The Old Republic, another MMORPG spawned by a single-player RPG series, is fresh in everyone's memories.

ESO seems to retain many of things that fans love about the series, though. For example, there's a heavy emphasis on exploration. You won't just go to a hub town and grab a bunch of quests. Instead, you're encouraged to wander and make adventures of your own in the various ruins and caves throughout the world. Public dungeons and Daedric invasions give you opportunities to team up with strangers on the fly; you won't sit in a capital city saying "LFG" in chat for an hour.

The game also seems like the best opportunity yet to experience Elder Scrolls' lore. Unlike the single-player games, ESO isn't limited to a single province. You'll be able to explore various regions of Tamriel, some of which have never appeared in a game before. You can finally see what Summerset Isles or the Black Marsh looks like.

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