IGG has released some new wallpapers for their futuristic MMORPG, 2029 Online. The wallpapers feature the same ‘ole bikini-clad hotties and the fully-covered male warriors. What, were you expecting something more realistic? Ha, there are too many lonely-male gamers out there for that to happen.

Anyway, 2029 Online has successfully entered and exited its alpha phase of testing and the game is being tweaked and continually upgraded for player satisfaction. The game itself features multiple classes to choose from, mixed gameplay types, including RTS-style base commanding and unit recruitment, as well as fast-paced combat and vehicular racing. It’s a large-scale MMO compactly fitted into a classical isometric play-style.

The new wallpapers are currently available and you can check them out below, completely free of charge and unmolested by watermarks. You can learn more about IGG’s 2029 Online MMO by visiting the Official Website. For more gaming news, info, updates and media, be sure to stay tune din with Blend Games.

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