You may have known that 2029 Online had PvP but did you know that ANYONE can PvP after level 10? Yeah, did you also know you can customize your PvP settings so that you only kill who you need to kill? Well, if you didn’t know about those things, we’ll brief you on the whole thing.

The way it’s setup in 2029 Online, players can only PvP after level 10. So newbies can’t go around getting the crap kicked out of them until they learn the ropes, and thank goodness for that.

Now, just because you can PvP over level 10 doesn’t mean you can kill just anyone. Every time a player kills another player with a “white” name, they’ll incur evil points, and the higher the player’s level that they kill, the more evil points they incur if the player is good. Said evility will eventually decrease as players stay online.

The game also sports the loss of items when killed by other players, so it’s important to only PvP when you’re not ready to lose something valuable. There are means of protecting yourself from such scenarios, however, and it includes selecting from the following PvP/Protection modes:
Peace: Attacks will not deal any damage to targets.
All: Players will deal damage to ‘all’ targets.
Party: Players are only allowed to attack non teammates.
Good VS Evil: This is the default PvP mode. In this mode, players are only allowed to go after players with a red name.
Guild: Players can only deal damage to players who are not in their guild.

You can learn more about 2029 Online and the PvP system by clicking over into the Official Website. For more gaming news, updates and info, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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