What about the beta did you enjoy the most?
Katy Goodman: The combat. The UI. The ability to play with my friends. Really the same things that caught my eye in Alpha. The Crucible is addicting, and I think they did a great job balancing the different classes for combat. I also love the big strikes, which make the game feel like a true MMO. But I'm still waiting for larger fire teams, *cough* Bungie.

Ryan Winslett: Yeah, I'm going to go with the combat, too. The Destiny beta was far more polished than I expected and everything about the game felt very dialed in, but that goes double for the actual combat mechanics. From shooting the guns, to picking up loot and ammo, the using my various abilities, everything was silky smooth. I also liked that, as I returned to some areas, the enemy configuration (number and locations) tends to change, so I never walked into a room and knew exactly who was going to be where. That made the shooting feel more interesting.

Also, playing as a Hunter, I have to give an extra nod to my combat knife. Not only does it feel pretty awesome to shove that thing into an alien's face as my regular melee, but few moments in gaming have made me feel as empowered as throwing that thing and landing a headshot, resulting in a death. The animation, the sound and the impact all felt rad as hell.

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