RW: Yeah, if I’m being totally honest, I did a lot of extra reading/watching to prep for this chat, which has given me a much better understanding of what to expect. I like the idea of mixing MMO bits and baubles with classic first-person shooting, especially on the scale that Bungie is talking about here. I also tend to prefer class-based shooters, like Battlefield, so the idea of joining a team and each member having their own strengths and weaknesses is pretty sweet.

KG: Agreed. The entire idea behind it, plus Bungie, had me confident about the game from the start, though at times I still worry that, with its massive budget, it will fall short in sales despite the hype. I never played Battlefield, but I played MMORPGs for too long….Way too long. And I think I got a little bored with FPS multiplayer because eventually it became the same thing over and over. I love class systems because you can adapt it to your own play-style.

RW:Yeah, I’m on board for that. So what about the social aspects? Were you able to run into randos while cruising around the map, easily join up with friends, easily dive into competitive matches? I know that all of that stuff is supposed to be available in the beta, but not sure if it popped up in the alpha.

KG: Good. That means I’m winning. I’m still a little confused on how they select individuals, but you encounter random people in the world you’re in all the time. It’s not nearly as overwhelming as an MMO, which is refreshing. When you start off in a world you may run into one or two people, quest with them if you want, and then spend the next half hour not seeing anyone. It’s easy to team-up with friends as well, as the game provides a smooth transition into whichever server the party leader is in, and your friends can join you as well. All of the PvP is in the Crucible, which you can access from the Star Map. With the alpha there was only one game open (Capture the Flag), but even in the alpha build, it took seconds to get into a match. And no server issues.

RW: Well, I AM a big fan of Star Maps...So I guess that’s a mark in the plus column. I had planned on making this more difficult for you but, honestly, what you’re describing sounds exactly like something I want to dive into head first. My number one gripe with modern shooters is that they all feel the same. Then, when someone comes up with something slightly new and interesting, they just run it into the ground with never-ending iterations. I like the idea of taking shooters in a new direction. We’ve seen something similar to this with Defiance, a game I actually enjoyed quite a bit, but it sounds like Destiny is doing it on a much bigger scale. Not to jump back into Battlefield comparisons, but that’s why I like that series so much; I can snipe for a while, switch over to flying a chopper, then switch over to more close quarters combat. I like a game that offers a lot of options as to how you can play, when you want to play it that way. But let’s not just cover Destiny in hugs and kisses, do you have any constructive criticism from the alpha? Something you’d like to see added, changed or improved?...Glowy swords, perhaps?

KG: I mean I’m slightly bias, there are definite concerns—my idealism simply disguises them. You can only have three people in a fire team right now, which makes it difficult when you have a lot of friends who want to play anything outside of the PvP. Perhaps they will turn it into something like Diablo or Borderlands, where the difficulty of enemies increases as your party does. I know a lot of people have complained about that. In addition, I have no idea how big the game is going to actually be, but that’s hard to say because the alpha was only one area of the world…But it was an area that could be explored in about an hour. I also hope that, through DLC, they will introduce more classes. It’s early, and with everything they have going for them and the budget they used, part of me already feels like all of these things will be addressed. Swords are a definite, and maybe even more spells and abilities to further contrast the classes. I love the Titan, but I want to feel more like a tank when I play him/her, maybe add some sort of aggro abilities, etc. Also, vehicles your whole party can ride on. And maybe horses. Or the ability to put a unicorn logo on my armor.

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