Competitive Multiplayer
Competitive Multiplayer
The alpha test only showed off one mode from Destiny's competitive multiplayer component, the Crucible. The mode wasn't all that impressive. It was a simple capture-and-hold type, with two teams fighting for three control points.

That's not what concerns me about the Crucible, though. Bungie showed through the Halo series that they can craft thrilling online battlefields. I don't doubt they've got more entertaining game types in the works.

My anxiety over competitive multiplayer actually centers on balance. Finding better gear and leveling up your character is a central pursuit of Destiny. Bungie said in the past that the gear you find in co-op and solo play carries over to the Crucible, too. I'm just worried that players with higher levels and better gear are going to steamroll newbies.

Destiny's solution seems to be ammo pick-ups. You might have a great heavy weapon but ammo drops for it are sporadic. Is that really enough to level the playing field by itself? The competition seemed even enough in in alpha, where characters are limited to levels 4 to 8. What's going to happen when the gap in levels and gear is far larger than that, though? Will the balance be maintained? Or are players going to walk into multiplayer matches at a distinct disadvantage?

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