Reforging Is Gone
Reforging Is Gone
Reforging was a feature with good intentions. Blizzard wanted players to be able to alter the stats for equipment to make it more useful to their characters. It was a way to make a limited pool of gear suitable for a wide range of classes and specs.

However, reforging just wasn't a very fun addition to the game. It just added another layer of micromanagement to gear. When you received a new gear, you no longer had to worry just about the enchants or gems. You now had to worry about reforging it to hit a certain stat goals. Sometimes these goals meant revising your reforges on other gear. Players had to use third-party calculators to ensure that they reached, for example, the spell hit cap without any misused points.

Now that reforging has been removed from the game altogether, players are more vulnerable to chance with loot drops. If they receive a piece of gear that's not optimal, they can't mold it to their liking. However, at least they'll spend less time staring at numbers and more time playing the game.

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