The Flash: Beat 'Em Up Game
The Flash is pretty well recognized so there's no need to give a history about his powers or abilities. He can run fast... very fast. A game featuring this speedy protagonist would be the perfect opportunity to make use of today's software design technology. While there's always a constant debate in the gaming community about graphics and gameplay, The Flash: The Game would be the perfect way to marry graphics and gameplay into an interactive experience that focuses as much on cool gameplay mechanics as it does visual effects... especially motion effects.

An open-world, Spider-Man-esque cityscape would be perfect for the speedy hero. Players could run fast, weaving and dodging obstacles and traffic while stopping crime along the way. The real trick is that at max speed The Flash would be able to slow down time. This would give players precision control over The Flash's actions in bullet-time, all while being able to see things around him moving at a snail's pace. This is where the visuals would really kick into high gear, as a special meter would limit just how slowed down things get and afford players an awesome look at seeing people getting beat up by a fast moving Flash while the bad guys' faces and bodies react to the hard-hitting blows in slow motion.

Deathstroke: Sandbox Assassination Game
Imagine Hitman but starring Slade "Deathstroke" WIlson. The mercenary-for-hire with super strength and deadly combat skills is a real force to be reckoned with. A thin-enough storyline to help compel players to move through the stages is all this game needs (maybe a mysterious employer who turns out to be a real evil S.O.B will do). The real meat and potatoes would be level-based sandbox environments, giving players an opportunity to explore Deathstroke's abilities in various, very detailed stages, ala Hitman. The trick is that the combat would be similar to the Arkham games, so melee would be encouraged just as much as stealth.

The difference between this and Hitman would be that when guards are alerted, they call for plenty of reinforcements... lots of reinforcements. So combat will be a heavy part of the game as opposed to covering your tracks. The penalty could be equivalent to breaking stealth in Payday 2, so you'll need to exercise extreme combat skill if you want to survive after triggering an alarm or such. Various skill and ability trees to upgrade Deathstroke for stealth, gun-play or melee combat (just like Alpha Protocol) could help give the game the sort of versatile gameplay opportunity to encourage players to replay various levels in different ways. A few boss battles and some cameos from other popular DC characters and this could be a real winner.

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