Phoenix Wright Is A Perfect Fit For Nintendo
He's already made headway on Nintendo's devices and become widely popular as a hero in the mobile gaming space. Why not take it a step further and become a legendary exclusive IP of the illustrious Nintendo family? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games are usually celebrated for their gripping tales and unique take on adventure point-and-click gameplay... Nintendo could do some really interesting things with the property on more than just their mobile devices.

Instead of being relegated to mobile or digital download outings, we could see Wright and crew in a full-fledged adventure title on something like the Wii U. Being able to manage cases and other clues utilizing the GamePad (or whatever future device Nintendo comes out with on their home console) would help elevate the series to even greater heights than what it's currently already doing. That's not to mention that the Phoenix Wright series has already gained majority of its popularity due to Nintendo's platforms. What's it worth to take it a step further?

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