Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online, like South Park, has a confirmed release date. That's generally a good sign. A delay's more likely when a company's cagey about the exact date.

That being said, I wouldn't be shocked if ESO was pushed later into 2014. ZeniMax has a lot riding on this game. Even if the rumored $200 million development budget is bull, developing an MMORPG over seven years isn't cheap. Plus, the company's putting the reputation of their most precious franchise (Elder Scrolls) on the line with this release. They have every reason to take a slow, cautious approach.

The stringent non-disclosure agreement for ESO's beta testing gives me reason to doubt the release date, too. Testers aren't even allowed to say that they're in the beta, much less provide any details on the game. I can understand a company wanting to control the flow of news about their game but when you're this secretive, it seems like insecurity.

Even if the PC and Mac versions arrive in April as planned, there's a possibility that the console versions could slip. The Xbox One and PS4 launch is currently set for "June 2014." I suspect the exact timing hinges on how well the PC and Mac release goes. If ESO has a rocky launch on PC and Mac, it's likely ZeniMax would hold off on the console release so they can stabilize the other versions first.

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