Gears Of War Xbox One
Gears Of War Xbox One
Gears of War was one of the biggest Xbox 360 exclusive franchises so you can bet Microsoft can't wait to get GoW on Xbox One. We're probably not going to see the fruits of Black Tusk Studios' labor just yet, though.

Black Tusk's Rod Fergusson said during a video broadcast last month that the game's still in "prototype stage." He added that the project was only a 100 days old.

He then shared the first image from the game: a blurred-out piece of concept art. That's right, they're even keeping concept art under wraps. This game's going to be in the oven awhile.

On the bright side, at least Gears of War fans have official confirmation that they're getting a new game. Not every fanbase represented on this list is so lucky. They're going to have to be patient, though. Microsoft's not going to show off blurred art or a rough prototype video at their E3 2014 press conference. At best, we'll get some teaser with a logo and some voiceover.

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