Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online sounds like a fantastic game on paper: Skyrim with multiplayer! However, in trying to make a good MMO and a good Elder Scrolls game, ZeniMax ended up failing on both fronts.

The traditional Elder Scrolls experience of exploring a vast open world existed in ESO but with strong compromises. The leveled quests and areas forced you to follow a linear path through the game world. The "forgotten" dungeons of Tamriel were overrun with other players or bots, killing the dungeon-crawling joy of the single-player games.

ESO players weren't getting enough to offset these sacrifices. As an MMO, the game fell short of its competitors. Bland fetch and kill quests, a limp storyline, and underwhelming dungeons make it tough for me to recommend the game over any other rival game - some of which don't require a monthly subscription like ESO.

Elder Scrolls Online could have been an evolving, growing experience that kept droves of Skyrim fans entertained for years ahead. Maybe some players will stick with it that long. Personally, though, I couldn't make it past the first month. I'd rather wait for Elder Scrolls 6.

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