Colorful And Inviting Art-Style
While the graphics are obviously dated, Super Mario 64 still has a strong artistic appeal. From the opening scene where you get to pull, stretch and deform Mario's giant head, to the start of the game that gives you a panoramic view of Peach's castle, the visual depiction of a 3D Mario world was done with such taste and excellence that it still manages to stand the test of time despite the low poly-count and, blurry textures and pixelated sprites. The thing is, the graphics may show their age but the art-style does not. The bright vibrant colors, the mid-saturated tones and sharp use of RGB scale still makes Super Mario 64 pop like so very few games manage to do after nearly 20 years. The game certainly can't compare to something like Crysis or Ryse as far as tessellation and shader techniques go, but that doesn't mean that Super Mario 64 isn't as inviting as ever once the title screen pops up and you hear the iconic voice of the plump little plumber.

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