Challenging But Creative Level Designs
Great art, smooth controls and snappy gameplay will only take you so far. A lot of games that manage to get the aforementioned features right sometimes fail in other areas, namely the level design. Super Mario 64 didn't have that problem. The levels were ingeniously clever. There were some stages that challenged your timing, other stages that challenged your coordination, other stages that challenged your wits. Each level offered something slightly different so players could make use of all of Mario's skills in different ways. Even having direct successors like Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 on the market, the levels in Mario 64 are still unrivaled for their unique take on different platforming challenges, from racing a penguin downhill, through icy caverns, to swimming through a wrecked ship to that timeless “Dire docks” song, Super Mario 64 still has levels to this day that are as fun as they are challenging, and that is a true rarity amongst many titles these days.

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