Styles And Countering
No Mercy was one of the rare games where countering wasn't just something players did just to do it, nor was it some special feature where you could instantly get a “Momentum Shift” like in some other wrestling titles. Instead, the submission and countering system was finely tuned for precision gameplay. It was refined and evolved from Asmik Ace's Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (which goes down as probably my favorite MMA/pro-wrestling game of all time), where there were tiers to counters and some submissions. This could vastly change the outcome of a match because a player playing a good counter-game could easily score a victory by slip-ups of an opponent.

In order to maintain some kind of balance for the system, it was setup so that – much like Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 – various wrestling/fighting styles, when matched up against each other, could afford for different types and styles of counters. This meant that a wrestler focusing on mat wrestling could easily or quickly counter grabs into a submission hold, where-as someone who was classified as a martial artist or striker could reverse moves into powerful strikes. The countering system created an interesting dynamic between certain play styles.

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