Multiplayer Shooters Need New Ideas
Multiplayer Shooters Need New Ideas
If you want to play a competitive multiplayer shooter, your options are sandbox or arena. You can play a close-quarters, fast-paced battle like Call of Duty. Your alternative is an enormous skirmish with vehicles and high player counts like Battlefield. Most shooters can be placed along this sandbox/arena axis.

Titanfall is trying to break out of that mold. It features driveable vehicles in the form of Titans, but the matches are only 6-on-6. The maps are large but the developers didn't up the player count to fill them out. Instead, they made the battlefields feel tighter by giving players parkour abilities and supporting them with A.I. armies.

Whether or not you end up liking this experiment remains to be seen. Still, there's no denying that Respawn is trying to do something new in a genre in need of something new.

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