Crowd Control
Crowd Control
Player-versus-player can be intimidating. They're frequented by a hardcore subset of players that will gladly carve up the inexperienced. WildStar manages to ease the frustration by making changes to a fundamental part of PvP: crowd control.

If you're affected by a stun, root or some other form of CC, you don't just have to sit there watching your character get pummeled by enemies. You'll be prompted to hold down a random movement button. If you push the right button, you'll be able to shorten the duration of the CC.

Players have many other ways to reduce crowd control. Items and abilities can grant Interrupt Armor, a buff that stops one incoming CC ability. The Resilience stat, meanwhile, reduces the duration of crowd control on you. Furthermore, each class has an ability to let them break out of crowd control every twenty seconds or so.

Crowd control is still an important part of the game in both PvP and PvE. However, WildStar allows players to actively fight against these effects. The days of being stunlocked and taken from 100% health to zero are over.

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