Elder Scrolls Online, like Skyrim, includes a lot of story-driven quests with grand consequences. You'll retake a town from bandits, stop an army of werewolves and more. This quests even happen at low levels.

Like most MMO's, though, ESO has a lot of trivial quests tying these grand story events together. Go here and talk to this character. Kill five of these creatures. Collect ten items. The quests are fully voice-acted but that doesn't disguise the fact that many are vanilla MMO tasks.

To ESO's credit, there's not as much padding here as in rival games. You won't be pursuing three or four quests in the same area at the same time as you might in WoW. The sudden shift back and forth between errands and epic quests can be jarring, though. They make ESO much longer than Skyrim but the journey's more inconsistent in quality.

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