GTA: Vice City Rage Trailer
This is the kind of trailer that makes you fuzzy all over. Designed by the Rage modding team over the course of a few years, GTA Vice City Rage is literally a complete video game transplant of the 2002 outing into the GTA IV advanced game engine. The inclusion of classic 80s track “I hear music in the streets” layered on top of all the slick gameplay elements from Vice City with all the advanced physics, lighting and mechanics from GTA IV is just sublime. While GTA: San Andreas Rage was also overhauled by the mod team, there's something about seeing Vice City elevated to the GTA IV rendition of Rockstar's advanced game engine just make it all that much more worthwhile.

Fast & Furious 6 Movie Trailer
So because apparently there weren't enough explosions in that 007 trailer on the first page, it only makes sense that there's a trailer of Fast & Furious 6 remade in GTA IV. To make this one a little closer to the source material, there's a small picture-in-picture mode so you can compare how the editing tries to stay as close to the original as possible. Of course, it's a bit unfortunate that the trailer doesn't sport Vin Diesel or Paul Walker mods, even though there are plenty available out there. Still, the trailer is put together in a pretty awesome way and it definitely manages to capture a lot of the excitement and ridiculous thrills from the over-the-top Justin Lin car-porn action flick.

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