Hearthstone on iPad
iPad Version
I played a fair amount of Hearthstone on PC during the beta but I honestly think I would've stopped playing if it wasn't for the iPad release.

PC gaming for me is always a dedicated activity. I'm putting the headphones on and play Battlefield 3 or Team Fortress 2 or whatever for the next hour. The game gets my full attention.

I rarely sit down and play a full hour of Hearthstone, though. The matches start to blend together if I spend too much time in the game. So, I play in ten-minute spurts throughout the day. Thanks to the iPad version, I can hop in and out of the game without even leaving the couch.

The tablet version of Hearthstone is in some ways a step down from the PC. The frame rate sucks at times and the touchscreen controls make certain actions more cumbersome than a mouse. The game doesn't lend itself to multi-tasking either. You have to sit through a loading screen if you bounce to another app and back.

Still, Hearthstone on iPad has a major advantage: poor competition. I've got over a hundred other games I could play on PC instead of Hearthstone. The iPad version of Hearthstone, however, is competing with Angry Birds and Facebook. That's a battle Hearthstone easily wins, time and time again.

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