Telltale picked Borderlands for their next game because of the size of the universe:
"With Telltale a lot of our criteria is asking ‘Is the universe huge? Can you tell a thousand different stories in that world? And we always use Star Wars as a great example. There have been hundreds Star Wars games over the last 30 years, and the Walking Dead presents us with such a massive universe. We follow Lee and Clementine while the comics follow Rick and Carl, they can expand that and then there’s the show. The Wolf Among Us fits because the world of Fables is huge—lots and lots of lore there, each character has its own fable. So Borderland definitely fits the criteria. It measures up. There is so much to say, so much to tell, and so much untold."

Tales of the Borderlands has replay value:
"[Flashbacks are] essentially the core of the whole experience, but whether they are telling the truth or not—kinda like in Borderlands—no matter what you’re doing we want it to be entertaining. And it also has replay value, you can tell it a different way, ask yourself what the truth is." This trend definitely follows similar gameplay mechanics found in other TellTale titles, which could definitely appeal to adventure game fans.

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