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Square Enix showed off their sexy wares at TGS, as always. One of the great parts of the Tokyo Game Show is the multitude of RPG titles being showcased. While we were enamored with Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Square had another that got the juices of our leveling hearts flowing. TGS saw the premiere of The Last Remnant in trailer form, including a brief look at the combat system. To say this trailer rocked our world is like saying we’d accept a date with Scarlet Johansson; some things are just obvious.

While we’re still loving the Final Fantasy series, what we’re most excited about with this particular title is the new combat system. First of all, the camera movement during battles is amazing. Without having played it’s unclear how disorienting it might be. The game is also running on the Unreal Engine 3, which means beautiful graphics that can be created for multiple platforms simultaneously. The Last Remnant will be Square Enix’ first Japan/North America release, and that makes us happy.

The trailer below is your ticket into a land of drooling fanboyism. The epic battle, it’s rumored that up to 70 units can be fighting at once in the game, shown in the trailer is awe inspiring for an RPG. If you can actually take part in something like that, prepare to be blown away.

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