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Auran’s Fury is now prepared to revitalize PvP combat in the MMORPG realm. After a successful beta that offered the development team the resources to refine character creation/customization, Fury is now being unleashed into the wild. You can pick up the game starting right now for $49.99 on PC.

Published by Gamecock, which still elicits childish snickering, Fury centers on a Player vs Player mechanic, rather than the standard PvE seen in traditional MMORPG’s. The game uses a ranking system to match players together in hopefully equal battles. The faster paced action should also appeal to gamers who don’t enjoy the hours of mind numbing leveling that takes place in a game like World of Warcraft. Players will be able to engage in a variety of competitions in FFA and team variants. Vortex is your CTF game, Elimination is a team-based deathmatch variant, and Bloodbath is the FFA death fest loners will prefer.

We also have the latest screenshots for you ogling pleasure below.

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