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Recently, Eat Sleep Play Co-President David Jaffe wrote in his blog about the possibilities of a single-console that will unite the hardware developers in the future. In it, Jaffe states that we’ve had such a thing with the VCR and now with DVD players, but still nothing for video games—something that he feels could only benefit both gamers and developers.

An interesting point mentioned in Jaffe’s blog is that he admits that competition among hardware developers would be virtually nonexistent, it would only mean increased competition in the software department. After all, if one were to tally up all of the titles on each respective system, there’s bound to be dozens of duplicates among each right? Instead, developers would have more time and effort to focus on creating original titles or spending more money on a single title rather than having to port one or another all over the place—an option that would be especially beneficial to gamers in the future as games are going to be able to utilize new levels of details and new graphics specifications with the advancement of technology and it will take longer to develop these projects.

Still, the first piece of hardware that comes to mind when thinking of a possible single-console universe is Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar’s 3DO system. To which Jaffe quickly subdues by saying, "3DO failed because- for the most part- it had crap games and was way too expensive and could not compete with the new game hardware coming out that was selling at much cheaper prices. But if the 3DO had been an XBOX 360 or a PLAYSTATION 2….or even a Wii? Well then I think things would have gone differently.”

The prospect of a one-console-for-all future does sound enticing, we may end up with more diversified games, bigger software budgets and of course, a simpler way for relatives to buy us gifts. But at what cost would we be willing to give up all the great features of our favorite console just for the three big names to work together and try to please every single gamer out there? Mario and Master Chief held together by the same controller? Snake and Commander Shephard? Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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