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As if we needed any more proof that the gaming industry is reaching epic proportions, the Guiness Book of World Records today stated that the organization is set to release an entire book dedicated solely to the games world. The publication will be dubbed Guiness Book of Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008 and will hit store shelves on March 11.

Included among the records that gamers can find are of course some well-known gaming facts such as Ms. Lara Croft being the “Most Recognizable Female Character”, or Counter-Strike as the “Most Successful Game Mod Ever”. But gamers can also find answers to more obscure facts such as that Eidos’ Just Cause has the “Largest Action-Adventure Environment” or that the Counter-Strike clan ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’ is the first clan to be represented by a sports agent.

The company’s press release states, "So why has Guinness World Records, the world's best selling copyrighted book, expanded into the world of gaming? The answer is simple; because the gaming industry is too big to be contained in just a few pages of the annual book. As gaming records are one of the largest sections in the Guinness World Records database it only made sense to create the Gamer's Edition to highlight the amazing facts and figures that have made the gaming industry what it is today."

For more info, check Guinness’ official site on the project here.

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