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It may take nearly a year for some games on the Xbox 360 to make it to PS3, but at least they’re finally making the jump. Codemasters has recently confirmed that their little Pikmin clone that could, Overlord, will make an appearance on Sony’s system. Overlord: Raising Hell will contain the original game and all of the DLC on one Blu-ray disc.

As a refresher, in case you’ve forgotten about this little gem of a game, here’s what Overlord is about. You are an Overlord, a supposedly mega-evil guy who is looking to pillage and conquer. At your disposal are Minions, who will do your every bidding. The use of Minions requires management that elicits the Pikmin comparison, except instead of being cute they attack enemies and carry boulders for you.

Codemasters says that the game will not only contain the original content and all the DLC, but will ”be enhanced with detailed visuals, a top-spec audio system with 7.1 surround sound and gameplay refinements.” Summer is as good of a time frame as we have at the moment for the PS3 port of Overlord: Raising Hell.

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