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Disney Interactive Studios announced today that they’re stepping in to the rhythm arena with Ulitmate Band for the Wii and DS. Hooray (?), now you can create your own Hannah Montana, Ashley Tisdale, or Jonas Brother!

Ultimate Band invites kids, tweens and teens to join in the jam session,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president, global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios.“And whether they choose guitar, drums, bass or front man, members don’t need to buy costly, single-function peripherals to play their way through Ultimate Band’s deep song list, dynamic venues, and customizable characters. The Wii Remote and DS stylus are the only tools they’ll need to reach rock stardom in Ultimate Band.”

That’s good news for all the kids that can’t afford plastic guitars and drum sets, bad news for those that aren’t “tweens.” Disney is promising a song list full of “iconic songs from every decade since the 60s,” but they haven’t announced any specifics yet, so you might want to hold off on that Hanna Montana wig until we get some more details.

The Wii version of the game will take players through the typical rags to riches rock rhythm game story complete with customizable characters. Using the Wii remote and Nunchuk, gamers can play drums, bass and lead guitar, or take the role of the front man. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this front man business is. I’m hoping it calls for some head banging, and/or bird eating, but this is Disney, so I doubt it.

The DS version will use the touch screen to simulate lead, rhythm, and bass guitar, and drums. In addition to the aforementioned iconic songs, the DS version will also let players create their own tracks and apply snazzy mixing effects. Disney also promised online functionality, though details were sparse. Sharing custom tracks could be cool, but the friend code system might be a hassle to work around.

Ultimate Band is being developed by Fall Line Studio, a first time developer formed by Disney. The game is set release for Nintendo’s Wii and DS in fall 2008. The DS game will be a part of the new DGamer program.

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