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Sadly, this isn't some wacky April Fool's joke. A British newspaper is asking people to write in and tell them how violent video games have led them to a life of crime, and will pay hundreds of pounds for the right story.

The unnamed newspaper - most likely a tabloid - posted the advertisement on an online message board that lists auditions for the entertainment industry. The post was made on March 27th, rather than today, so it appears to be legit. Unfortunately us non-Brits won't be able to cash in; the newspaper is interested in hearing from people "Males & Females aged 0 to 60 from UK." That's right - the elderly need not apply, either. I guess they figure that if you're over 60, your criminal behavior is due to television, rock music, or comic books instead.

Sadly enough, this newspaper will get a steady stream of responses to the advertisement. I imagine most criminals enjoy A) blaming others for their misdeeds, and B) getting money, so it stands to reason they'd jump at the chance to indulge both desires at once. While I dislike seeing my hobby scapegoated by British ne'er-do-wells, this is closer to amusing than offensive. I'm eagerly awaiting a supermarket tabloid with the headline "Mario Made Me Touch Myself in the Movie Theater!"

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