7Framed is one of those overly-ambitious titles – one of those games where the concept seems bigger than what the developers might be able to achieve. Nevertheless, developers Vie will attempt to do something that hasn't really been done before in gaming.

Thirteen1.com scooped up the news from the Kickstarter page, where the video above is used to help promote Vie Games' crowd-funded project.

So I don't bungle the description of the game, you can check out the synopsis of the game below...
“7FRAMED puts you in the role of not one but seven citizens targeted by the groups that would control them. Set up for crimes you did not commit, 7FRAMED allows you to play from not only the perspective of all of the victims but other characters in the world. Every shift in point of view brings new insights into the agenda of the enemy and brings you steps closer to solving the mysteries of why you? Why were you targeted? And every character you play brings you closer to the realization that your characters must be pivotal players on the global stage even if they do not know it yet.”

The gameplay video above and the description don't seem to entirely match-up with the game's genre listing as an AAA action-shooter, given that the video seems to show something along the lines of Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. As for the shooting mechanics, it seems to remind me a bit of Breakdown and Mirror's Edge.

However, I should say that the video seems more like a target demo than the representation of the actual game (or what the actual game will be).

If 7Framed is aimed at going all-in on the cinematic venture with movie-like motion capturing and lots of movie cues and sounds, then I imagine that it will have a fairly linear plot path. Then again, this is possibly why it's being expanded over the course of seven episodes, as a way to give gamers that sort of Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us feeling – a game that spans an arc as opposed to something that starts and ends with a single game.

I am a little perplexed as to what the exact direction of the game will be, though. The video gives the impression that it's mostly going to be quick-time based with some shooting segments, similar to old-school games like Cyberia, which were mostly quick-time segments or movie cinematics with light playability tossed in between.

Then again, the game's features seem to indicate that it will be a full-fledged, interactive FPS. Check them out below.
Gameplay Elements:

-Single player campaign

-Multi-player online mode in which you frame other players.

-All shooter ingredients plus many challenging puzzles.

-Hiding from the other character system

-Perspective mission (replay the mission from someone else point of view) This is going to be one of the best feature. (Cross path mission)

-Adaptive story line (Player influence of the environment to have impact on other episodes)

The multiplayer seems pretty neat, but how will it work with the game's current setup? Will players use QTEs to setup traps but then have free-form control when moving around? I'm almost trying to imagine something like Assassin's Creed meets The Ship.

I guess I'm just having a hard time piecing together how this game will operate and what it will be like in finished form. A tech demo showing off impressive motion capture and plenty of snazzy visuals seems cool, but the real challenge will be Vie Games' attempt to bring 7Framed to life in a believable and cost-effective way.

If you believe in their vision and you would like to see this game come to fruition, feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page to learn more.

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