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The Creative Assembly released Napoleon: Total War a few months back. What are they making now? Well, we might found out soon.

The official Total War website (via Blue's News) now has a picture of an hour glass and a number: "1908." Presumably they'll announce something once that hour glass's sand drains to the bottom. Will that number at the bottom change, too, though?

In a fit of lazy research, I punched 1908 into Wikipedia. It seems that's the year that Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. It created a lot of bad blood among the European powers and is one of the many events that led to World War I, which started in 1914.

The Total War series has been slowly inching toward the present day in recent history. Empire: Total War, released in 2009, was set in the 18th century while Napoleon focused on the early 19th century. I was expecting a Civil War game next but World War I's got more to offer. It featured many new advances in warfare (the introduction of airplanes, machine guns and tanks) and had a much grander scope than the Civil War.

We'll keep an eye on the teaser site and see what happens. I suspect all will be revealed by the time E3 rolls around.

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