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World Event Productions is gearing up to relaunch Voltron with a new animated series and toy line. Video games will also be part of this comeback.

Variety reports that THQ snatched up the rights to produce games based on the series. The first titles based on the Voltron license are expected to be released this fall. Their launch will coincide with the debut of the new cartoon.

The first Voltron games will be based on Voltron: Defender of the Universe, the original animated series. In that show, five young pilots were charged with defending planet Arus from fierce "Robeasts." These pilots controlled giant robot lions that could combine to create a giant humanoid robot named Voltron.

There's no mention in the Variety article what these games would be like. It's not hard to figure out, though. You'll control a giant freakin' robot, mash buttons, and kick some Robeast heads in. It's not like they're going to make a puzzle game.

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