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The rumored Wii remake of NES title A Boy and His Blob was formally announced today by Majesco Entertainment today. Accompanying the announcement were a dozen screenshots of the platform adventure.

The storyline is better repeated verbatim from the press release: "In a boy and his blob, an evil emperor has seized the throne of Blobolonia, and the fate of its inhabitants lies in the hands of the blob and a young boy he encounters when he crash lands on Earth." Man, NES game storylines were awesome, weren't they?

Players control the boy and must solve puzzles and defeat enemies by feeding their blob different types of jelly beans. One jelly bean, for example, will turn the blob into a parachute.

The game will have forty levels in all and feature bonus unlockable content. It'll feature the jelly beans from the original version as well as a few new ones. It's due in North America and Europe later in 2009.

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