At first it may have seemed as if we had a lot of support for the Wii. But over time it became apparent that this poor little hardware-fad wasn’t going to receive any real games for quite some time. Worse yet, it may be a docking station for casual games alone. The PS3, however, can stage a final assault on the Wii with a fall line-up that could turn the tide of its media reputation.

Hands-down, the PlayStation 3 cannot catch the Wii in hardware sales for this year or next year. Fad or not, even if the Wii loses steam this fall, there’s still Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8 and Metroid Prime 3 (amongst others) that will easily pick up the slack and put the Wii back into the spotlight. That doesn’t mean the PS3 can’t stand toe-to-toe with the Wii when it comes to software. If Sony can at least convince people that the PlayStation 3 is a venerable, upright rival on the software front, they may be able to turn the software-side of the war in their favor. In turn, the positive press for the PS3's non-hardware could lead to actual hardware sales, and maybe then the PS3 will be back in the fight, legitimately.

Assuming these games don’t meet with further delays -- because if they do it’ll definitely [further] threaten the PS3's chances of success -- gamers could be bragging to their friends with Wii’s about how cool an experience like Lair or Heavenly Sword is. While Wii-pers will be working out the kinks of Wii-elbow, PS3 gamers can sit tight with the top 10 following games:

No. 1 Lair:
The shining star of the PS3's line-up, July 2007
There’s been one game that everyone thought would be the killer app for the first-quarter of 2007 for the PS3 and it was delayed. But no worries, Lair will eventually come out and when it does there will be no other game like it on the market. This is a cool Wii-killer right here – even if you’re not into gaming, the graphics alone will make you blink twice when you see this one. Whether you’re on the ground or flying with your dragon, there’s a lot to explore and do in Lair. The battles are uncomparably huge for a Panzer Dragoon-esque game. Even with a $60 price tag, a few good reviews and a well-placed commercial spot will have people saying “Wii who?”

No. 2 Warhawk:
Enough gameplay options to make your controller tilt, Summer 2007
Warhawk is almost in a league of its own. Even though this game has encountered tons of flak from the press, it’s actually much better than what many people may lead you on to believe. The Battlefront/Battlefield gameplay mechanics are superbly exploited to suit for some of the largest multiplayer encounters on a console. Vehicles of all sorts are operable in this game and the Warhawk flight mechanics seem to be tweaked for better performance. Multiple weapons and various game-modes will keep the replay values high for this game. If there was a downside it would be with the on-foot shootouts...they lack a bit of refined polish, but not everything needs to be perfect, they just need to work right.

No. 3 Heavenly Sword:
The goddess of war, Fall 2007
I was going to say that Heavenly Sword is a female version of Kratos with a dress, but he’s already wearing a man-skirt. So I guess that wouldn’t be an accurate description. Still, Heavenly Sword is all about the dicing, slicing and sword play. While it may be a little less impressive when compared to the likes of other “next-gen” games, it does consistently fall into comparison categories with the previous-gen God of War on the PS2. And in actuality, that’s not a bad thing at all. People loved God of War and if this is the PS3's first iteration of this series, then that only spells success. Large battles and non-stop sword play just might make the Wii-pers forget about perfecting their tennis serve.

No. 4 The Eye of Judgement:
Yu-Gi-Oh for grownups, Fall 2007
This USB-camera oriented card game is all about strategy. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t tons of visual effects to help fuel the on-screen entertainment. The game is played on a 3x3 board and gamers will basically have at it by using real cards to do battle. Even better yet, this game can be played online via PSN. Sweet huh? The only thing the Wii-pers have via comparison is Pokemon Battle Revolution. But uh, it’s no where near as technically advanced as this game. Oh, and I almost forgot, this new camera used for Eye of Judgement is the next-gen Eye-Toy...really.

No. 5 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
Naughty Dog’s jungle romp, Fall 2007
The very look of this game could sell 1 million alone. That’s not to mention that the actual gameplay consists of more than just hugging walls or blasting pirates in the face. There’s real humanism in this game – the lead character actually gets scared; leaping across platforms requires real measure and precision; and fighting has finally evolved past the dreaded three-hit combo. This is next-gen people, really. There is literally nothing on the Wii coming out this fall that even remotely resembles the kind of gameplay represented in Uncharted. Now if only they could find a way to stop making characters look like they’ve been dipped in plastic.

No. 6 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Bigger, badder, stronger, and more kick-butt than ever, Fall 2007
Weapons controlled by the SixAxis; bosses that are too big to fit into view; visuals that will melt your eyeballs and characters that are more threatening than George Bush’s stupidity...and that’s just the booklet. With features and weapons tied directly into the SixAxis control scheme, players will be able to manually control specific projectiles with rotations/swinging of the controller. New levels, more platforming action and new ways to use new weapons will make Ratchet & Clank Future more than just a surprise hit of the fall, it will be a big hit for the fall.

No. 7 Blacksite: Area 51:
What Resistance: Fall of Man should have been, Summer 2007
A lot of you fan-boys might be quick to defend Sony’s poster-boy IP, Resistance: FoM. But let’s face it, Midway’s Blacksite has a lot more grit, much more dominating aliens, tons more shooting and makes the term “squad-based” really mean something. The dynamic shootouts and brutally harsh cyborg-aliens ensures that you should definitely keep an eye on this top-tier shooter. This game features objectives that involve more than just saving your own hide – in some cases you’ll have to protect civilians, launch raids on the enemy or even defend a certain area from being completely obliterated by the end-of-the-world aliens. If Midway can ensure that the pace is as gritty and hard-nosed as the aliens, Blacksite will remind Wii-pers why they stepped through the wrong “next-gen” door.

No. 8 John Woo Presents Stranglehold:
When cinema meets video games, Summer 2007
If you’re a fan of action games and you’re not stoked about this game, then something is seriously wrong with you. Really. But anyway, Stranglehold is all about flashy action sequences and over-the-top camera-shots, as players take Inspector Tequila on a wild ride from ChinaTown to the streets of Chicago. Gamers can perform signature John Woo style feats, such as spinning while shooting or sliding down a set of rails while cleaning house. Stranglehold is a perfect example of what movie-to-game experiences aught to be like – and as long as the action correlates with the story, this could be a worthwhile homage to the legacy that John Woo has built up over the years.

No.9 Turok:
This is not the B-movie shtick from the N64, Summer 2007
After the last, embarrassing mess we endured on the PS2 and Xbox, it was time for Buena Vista to take the helm and change things around. Now this No. 9 spot could have gone either to Parabellum, which is probably going to be delayed, or Ninja Gaiden Sigma. But the reason this spot went to Turok is because this game is unlike any other Turok game before it. The graphics are amazing, the use of vehicles is now on-par to that of Unreal Tournament III and the dinosaurs have a whole new mind of their own, literally. This game is further accentuated with the Unreal Engine 3 technology, and puts players in a brutal fight for survival with stealth attacks, manipulating the environment to get dinosaurs to fight the enemy, and even some squad-based tactics. Turok has the makings of being a super-smash hit if everything comes together correctly. Oh, and it’ll do well if they can leave out the B-movie antics.

No. 10 Grand Theft Auto IV:
The Granddaddy of e’m all, Fall 2007
Like this wasn’t going to be on the chart for that crappy Singstar Pop? Ha! While this final game may be a multi-platform title, it’s still the one game that will boost sales for the PS3 this year, faster than any other game on this list. GTA has a very strong appeal in the gaming community (and outside of the gaming community) and it’s the one game that is bound to sell like crazy. Featuring an even larger-scale take on Liberty City (remember how dinkly LC was in Grand Theft Auto 3? What a joke), Grand Theft Auto IV will have players performing missions and interacting with a diverse cast of characters. Featuring a whole new engine-set for animation and character motions (remember Rockstar’s deal with Natural Motion?), GTA IV may actually be a lot more realistic than we thought. Hands down, the king of the hill is coming home and this is the real Wii-killer on the list. Weep on Wii-pers.

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