If you’ve been playing video games since before you were five, you could have deformed fingers. While we’re usually quite jocular here at Blend Games, apparently this is no joke. Although, I’d like to think that this news is kind of funny, just because a few healthcare professionals want to keep games out of the hands of little kids due to hand deformity.

According to an article on Gossip Gamers, it appears that a certain Mike Tomich doesn’t want little kiddies to get their fingers all deformed with over-excessive button mashing.

Tomich, in opposition to gaming for kiddies, stated that “Children develop the injuries because their bones are too soft (not calcified hard) and readily yield to the strong repeating forces. The permanent and accumulative damage from these forces is silently inflicted without pain because of the numbing effects they deliver to the soft bones.”

Tomich further argues that games (among other things) can permnantly damage the growth of an individual's hands because of their design and requirement for repetitious use. Hence, he wants further research done to confirm his theory and start putting some actions into effect.

And from there folks, I’m tempted to call Mike Tomich the new generation of former Florida State lawyer, Jack Thompson. However, the bigger difference is that Tomich seems to have a good point to argue: who wants strangely deformed hands when they grow up? It’ll be especially hard to handle joysticks with misshapen fingers.

Still, I can’t agree with Tomich’s sycophantic schemes to get games out of the hands of young gamers. I’m not exactly sure what the game industry would benefit from finding out that anything done in excess can be harmful for you (yes, even watching television for 72 hours straight, no matter what age you are can still be harmful).

Tomich says, “The Video Gaming Industry wants Senate bill S.948-CAMRA Act to go away forever. Did you know that on 11-14-08 Microsoft Executives visited Washington and discussed children’s finger injuries from video gaming and S.948 is now being stalled? The Nintendo Wii is suppose [sic] to replace the damaging game controller, but the Wii is equally damaging.”

The bill would basically research and study the effects games have on the fingers of young gamers. From there onward, I assume you all can imagine what the next step would be for Tomich? If you take a look at his website it's almost a no brainer. Anyway, I’ll leave it to your imagination…or maybe the headline.

You can check out the full article at Gossip Gamers. For more gaming news, insight and information, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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