That groovy samurai with the conspicuous afro is featured in an upcoming game called Afro Samurai. Namco Bandai recently unsheathed the news about the game going gold for the Xbox 360 and PS3. This means that it's one step closer to hitting retail shelves.

In an attempt to generate further interest in the game, an extensive [national] ad campaign will run on cable programming in the US and Canada, throughout January and February (centered around the game's release). The expected reach of the marketing paradigm is about 200 million consumers. Nice.

The game itself is actually quite cool looking; featuring a cel-shaded, comic-book artsyle, dynamic sword fights and hip-hop themes from RZA, Afro Samurai has a real chance of becoming a sleeper-hit. And now that it has gone gold it means that the January 27th release date for the PS3 and Xbox 360 is cemented in stone.

The game will retail for $59.99, and you can learn more by visiting The Official Blood Is Beautiful Website.



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