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Astrum Nival and the gPotato Team is taking the Allods Online servers offline for the entire day to prepare for the first major expansion pack for the game, Volume 1: The Revelations of Gipat. The new expansion will be available for all the various versions of Allods Online, including German, French, Spanish and English players.

As stated in the press release…
In preparation for this first expansion the Allods Online team has gathered information and created guides on many of the important aspects of the game and its changes. Read about the mounts, cursed items, martyrs and instances

A complete set of guides and other detailed information has been compiled for gamers to read up and get informed about the expansion. The new update will make a number of improvements to the overall gameplay, including some enhancements for character classes, new skills, new weapons, new armor and brand new allods and astral traveling locations.

You can learn more about the expansion, building an astral ship and the new mounts for this triple-A, free-to-play MMO by visiting the Official Website.

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