Gala Networks announced that their highly popular and free-to-play MMORPG, Allods Online, will be receiving its second Volume expansion and a heck of a lot of updates and changes have been made. In fact, there are so many changes that it wouldn’t be feasible to list them all in this one post. Thankfully, there’s a forum post with the several-page long list of changes, modifications and fixes the game has undergone.

A few noteworthy updates include additional bosses being implemented into the raid instance, Gorluxor’s Tower, including Gorluxor the great mage himself. Just about every character class has been revamped. Mounts have been drastically improved, including animations for the mounts.

The expansion for Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor will go live tomorrow night, and will be a pretty big download especially considering that brand new allods have been added, along with new bosses, mini-bosses and allod locations within the Astral. A few modifications have also been made to Astral ships.

Gamers can check out the full details on the upcoming expansion by visiting the Official Patch Notes Page.

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