Officially licensed by the people that keep terrorists from blowing up your neighborhood, America’s Army is returning in yet another sequel. And today, the U.S. Army made sure gamers were well aware that AA3 is heading your way later this year.

"In AA3 we've taken all of the best features in AA2, incorporated feedback from the AA community and added the latest technology to develop a high-tech game that can be customized by the player to create a much more detailed interactive experience," said Michael Bode, executive producer of the America's Army game. “One of our key design philosophies is to make the game easily accessible to a new player, while at the same time keeping a deeper layer of complexity for the more advanced players to discover and take advantage of."

Some of the new features of America’s Army 3 include advanced training simulation, more tactically challenging missions and updated customization for the persistent character feature. The game basically plays like an MMO, in that players will experience life on the battlefield, off the battlefield, and off the base. Believe it or not, life as a soldier is more than just shooting at things.

"With AA3, we're taking military gaming to an all new level where every detail counts," said Col. Casey Wardynski, originator and Director of the America's Army game project. "We want our America's Army 3 players to have a greater understanding of the Army and its values. Our Soldiers are aspirational figures and our players are able to virtually experience many aspects of a Soldier's life from their training, to their missions, to the way the Army has influenced their lives."

One of the cool new features includes the ability to train and level-up your character in different fields, including the medical field, in which players can treat minor and major wounds in single and multiplayer games. Seems kind of cool, actually.

There’s tons more featured in this game than what’s printed here, but I didn’t feel like filling up space on the website with walls and walls of text. So, for those of you who are interested in this game, feel free to check out the Official America’s Army Website.

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