Retrevo released some interesting tidbits of information today, as it appears that Apple's announcement for the iPad nearly toppled over President Obama’s State of the Union when it came to tweets. It certainly shows where the interest of American’s lie, eh?

According to Retrevo’s Buzzmeter, the President’s State of the Union peaked about 9,000 tweets per minute, while Apple’s iPad news buzzed in with an equally impressive 7,000 tweets per minute. If Ashton Kutcher had a few more of his numbskull followers to tweet on behalf of Apple then the iPad probably would have easily taken the lead.

It’s a bit funny because in the press release, Retrevo’s rep admits that…
We were relieved to see that the Buzzmeter readings for Steve Jobs and the iPad came close but didn't exceed President Obama's moment in the spotlight. The State of the Union also had a longer sustained chatter after the event completed.

Yeah because the announcement of the glorified iPod Touch on steroids would somehow have been more embarrassing if it out-tweeted the State of the Union? I don’t think it’s any worse than pushing the Union address back behind American Idol. Now that’s a blow to the balls.

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