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Reality Gap tweeted about the major update for BattleSwarm: Field of Honor last week. Well, the update has landed and the new content includes an overhaul to the map system, a new deathmatch game mode and updates to some of the available items.

While some gamers complain about the balance in BattleSwarm (given that it’s an MMO that pits FPS versus RTS) the main issue boils down to learning how to play the game and using a little bit of teamwork. The latter applies greatly to the new maps for the game that feature capture the flag, a demolition map where humans ambush the bugs, and a few confrontational maps that’s all about blasting bugs and eating humans in all out war.

You can check out a few new screenshots of the update below or visit the Official Website for more details on the very first MMOFPS vs MMORTS game.

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