Downloadable multiplayer shooter Battlefield 1943 will have three maps playable when it's released. There's a fourth included with the game but to unlock it, you'll need to kill lots of people.

Like the three other maps in the game (Midway Island, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, and Wake Island), Coral Sea is set in the South Pacific. However, Coral Sea is said to feature a new Air Superiority game mode, a fancy way of saying it's airplanes-only.

The Coral Sea map will be available to all players once the multiplayer community racks up 43 million kills. The tally will be separate for Xbox Live and PSN; in other words, each service needs to get 43 million on its own. The statistics will be accessible at the official BF 1943 website.

The game will hit consoles in June but won't arrive on the PC until September. There's no mention of the PC taking part in this killing spree so presumably they'll have the map available from the outset.

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