Looking for a game that's pure badass fun? There's Warframe. Looking for a game with skill-based badassedery? There's Warframe. Looking for a game with badass space ninjas? There's Warframe. Looking for one of the most badass games of badassdom? Well, there's Warframe. Digital Extremes' third-person action title is no walk in the park. It's free-to-play and it's as hard as titanium nails. In fact, the game's difficulty is one of its strong suits: there is no hand-holding in Warframe, there is no casual play; this game is not designed for the people that EA, Activision and Ubisoft have been catering their games toward. You have to gut up and go in hard, with fingers of steel-resolve and skills from Ninja Gaiden: Black set to the “Impossible” difficulty if you want to achieve victory in Warframe. I've loved every single second of it. The combat is badass, the melee attacks are badass, the boss fights are badass, the weapons are badass and most importantly, the Warframes are badass. There was no way this game wasn't going to make it on my “Best Of” list. Oh yeah, and it's not a “screw you” pay-to-win game, either. So thank you Digital Extremes for not trying to rectum-blast our wallets like some sordid, back-alley peddler.

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