Gas Guzzlers: Extreme
You could argue against this game if you even knew it existed. Heck, the main reason why most people are probably befuddled to see this game here is because no one knew it existed. Regardless, I'll explain why this particular game is on the list and why I thought it should be: it's fun... it's generically fun. That's it. There's no world-changing scheme at play, no grand-fantastic CryEngine computations to make you cry going on, no super-duper graphics to brag about and no multiplayer that reinvents the wheel. The game is 100% generic amounts of fun. You pick it up and play and have fun. That's it. I didn't find myself frustrated with controls, or dealing with glitches, or battling load times... I just had fun. And at the end of the day, isn't that what gaming is about? Playing Gas Guzzlers: Extreme felt like playing a nostalgic combat racer from the PlayStation One era and I could dig it. I like that Gamepires focused solely on the enthusiasm of entertainment qualities and not trying to win awards with over-the-top mo-cap acting, or licensing a bunch of big name musicians just so the RIAA can prevent digital distribution of the game a decade from now, or some other cheap gimmick. Gas Guzzlers: Extreme is a game I can pick up and play and have fun with, all the time, and that's why the game is on this list.

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