Dota 2
Dota 2
I never expected I'd actually play Dota 2. I had heard a bit about how competitive and heated MOBA matches could be and decided that it wasn't my scene. Dota 2 sat in my Steam library for months until I finally gave it a whirl. As it turned out, I didn't hate it. I played it more than any other game this year.

Yes, it's a competitive game with a steep learning curve. Valve did everything they could to ease players into the fray. The series of tutorial missions introduce you to the basic mechanics and then throw you in a single lane against an A.I. opponent. From there, you move onto a full match with bots, a co-op match with other players against A.I., and eventually battle against other players with a limited pool of Heroes. Your first competitive games might still be rough but you're not just going to be a free kill. Valve sets you on the path to become better.

While I learned the ropes, I had a blast too. Dota 2 seems really simple at first - push your lane, smash towers, and destroy the enemy's Ancient. While the finish line is always in the same place, there are so many ways to get there. There's over a hundred different Heroes to choose from, none of which are behind a paywall. Learning each Hero's abilities and how they fit into the battle is a game in of itself. The dozens of in-game items you can buy throughout the battle expand the possibilities even further. Wielding Black King Bar or Manta Style will make for two very different matches. There's no "right" way to play and figuring out your particular path to victory is a gratifying, if time-consuming, experience.

Dota 2 is intimidating as hell. You're pitted against a die-hard player base in a game that's too vast and variable to ever completely master. Dota 2 was able to convince me to accept this challenge, though. I'm glad I did.

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